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What is TukiTaki.xyz?

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We are largely a marketplace e-commerce business headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  In our growing marketplace, we welcome different local and international individuals and businesses to go through a verification process with us and then allow them to sell their products on our platform. When you place an order with us, either Sellers or TukiTaki.xyz fulfills your order using a third party courier service provider.  We offer worldwide shipping on selected products so anyone anywhere in the world can shop with us. 

TukiTaki International Limited is a private limited company registered in Bangladesh and has been operational in this space since February 2016.


Our platform provides customers and Sellers a safe and trusted place through which to do commerce online. 

In the past 2 years, e-commerce and f-commerce businesses in Bangladesh have become riddled with frauds and insincere Sellers making it difficult for customers to identify genuine Sellers and Stores. Similarly, Sellers are facing difficulty and incurring financial loss by taking orders from customers who never intend to receive those products. 

Our core mission is to ensure we build trust for everyone engaging with our platform and ultimately provide a superior commerce experience for everyone involved.

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We welcome and encourage all forms of partnerships. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, social influencer, content creator, or a business with an offer, we want to connect with you.  Tell us a little bit about how you would like to partner by emailing [email protected].


TukiTaki.xyz is actively seeking seed funding from a Venture Capital firm or an Angel Investor.  While we would be happy to speak to all interested parties, our preference is to connect to investors who have substantial experience in the e-commerce industry locally and internationally. To schedule a call, please email [email protected].

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Customer Stories

Paramita Karim, Doctor of Family Medicine at Praava Health

Thank you Tukitaki.xyz for providing me with a place in Bangladesh with good quality, unique and affordable gifts to give to my family and friends. After moving to Bangladesh, I was getting bored going to the same shops as everyone else so Tukitaki.xyz was so refreshing with lots of variety.

Tania Ashraf, Program Head - Asia Region at BRAC

Tukitaki.xyz is the place to get all your unusual, special tuki-taki gifts for yourself or for your friends and family! Great stuff at great value!! Also I love supporting local artists so this is an ideal place for me to get my stuff!!

Faria Samreen Nizam, Director at KONE Lifts & Escalators Bangladesh

Tukitaki.xyz is an absolutely wonderful place to purchase items for your home! What you see in the pictures, is exactly what you get! Definitely looking forward to purchasing a few more lovely paintings for my home in the near future. Keep it up Tukitaki.xyz!‎

Rohini Alamgir, Head of Communications at UNWFP, Bangladesh

I love what you’re doing! Involving local artists and craftspeople and giving everyone a space to showcase their stuff is a great endeavour. Your products are awesome too! They’re simple, elegant and exactly what I’m looking for. And your prices are so totally pocket friendly! Thanks so much for existing!!