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Bangladesh has always been a perfect palette for the artist. Whether it is breathtaking beauty, or the harsh struggles of life, or the simplicity of daily routines, Bangladeshi art offers a wide array of styles to capture the stories of this country. And bringing artists together is where’s own story starts. is an online marketplace for all things considered creative. Artists, crafters, authors, photographers, and artisans of all styles, practices, and skill levels are encouraged to join the platform. Any organization or individual creating  Bangladeshi products can become a partner. is a place that promotes creativity, and new products that resonate with the Bangladeshi lifestyle and in parallel provides a reliable mode of income for local artists.

A large portion of today’s youth is brought up to strive for a “meaningful” job. Here at, we believe that there is great pride in being able to help people connect with their roots through works of art. To that end, we aspire to usher in a new generation of artists, and hope our platform will bring forward many diverse talents. This community of artists will have a common network to share and broaden their own horizons. has a strong emphasis on service quality to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. Even more important is the significance of products that help express the visions of talented artists of the country, products that are embedded strongly in our way of life, and products that are not available anywhere else. Through, we hope to promote local products that people can be proud of, because they are reflections of our culture, history, and lifestyle.