Commission an Art Piece has been providing customized art for local and international customers for the past 4 years. We’ve had the pleasure of completing over 100 art pieces in the form of paintings, portraits, and painting on various surfaces. We are connected to over 50 artists who specialize and have expertise in different forms of art.

We can support your journey in creating the perfect art piece from thoughts collected from you or from a reference photo provided as inspiration. Our Project Manager and Artist will both work with you online to capture your needs and deliver within our agreed timeframe.

Have a look at some of the work we completed for our customers.

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Interior and exterior architectural solutions


Our Architect partner has over 20 years of experience designing and building offices, restaurants, houses, factories and retail stores. With experience in interior and exterior solutions, we are happy to consult and take on big or small projects. We will work with you closely and aim to provide a solution within your budget. Trust and transparency are crucial factors during this process and you can count on us to give you these.

Have a look at some of the work our Architect partner has completed.

Family Room

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that we breast-feed our children up to 2 years. In Bangladesh, working moms are back in the workforce within 4-6 months. Without a proper breastfeeding room, moms are forced to stop breastfeeding their children and are denying them of essential nutrients needed for the baby’s physical and mental development.

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To support our working moms during this critical period in their lives, we strongly encourage all offices to build a Family Room. This room will give moms a safe place to tend to their children or express (pump) milk to later red to their children.

Features of the Family Room:

Lactation Room: Express milk or breastfeed their children in a secure and calm environment.

Diaper Changing Zone: Discreetly change your child’s diaper.

Rest Chair: Allow tired moms to take a quiet break during her hectic work day.

Entrance: Secure door to come in and out of the Family Room.

Basin: Allow moms to properly wash bottles and pump.

Oven and Fridge: Heat up and keep milk cool.

Build a Family Room for your office and clients. Small or large, every company should support their breastfeeding Mother and Mothers with newborn employees during this crucial and stressful period. Let’s not deprive thousands of children from receiving the proper nutrition due to lack of space during working hours. Join us in this movement to normalize breastfeeding at work in Bangladesh #tukitakifamilyroom
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Customize Almost Anything


Can’t find a railing planter in our marketplace that’s the right size? No problem, ask us, we’ll make one for you. Want a fridge magnet with your company logo on it? No problem, ask us, we’ll make those for you. While we can’t guarantee that we can make everything you ask, we will tap into our extensive network. We know people and these lovely people know how to make almost anything.

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