Customized Art

Customized Artwork

Our artists know a diverse range of techniques and can create customized pieces such as rickshaw art on different surfaces, portraits, wall murals and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Interior Solution

Interior & Exterior Architectural Solutions

We’ve partnered with an experienced Architect who is able to support your interior, exterior and landscaping needs. Big or small, we’re happy to take on your project.

Mother s Room’s Mother’s Room

It shouldn’t be difficult for mothers to come back to work and breastfeed their children. is committed to designing and building a safe area for moms to express milk (pump) or breastfeed their children in the office. Small or large, we can work with whatever space you provide. We can also extend this service to organizations that want to facilitate breastfeeding for their customers.



Hire our in-house photographer to capture professional and/or personal events and for product photography. Our services include raw and edited photos and a few minutes of video footage.

Interested? Email us at [email protected]